Why is pre-cleansing hair important? 
We are conditioned to think about hair care as shampoo and conditioner, but just as we have a skin care ritual with a range of products, our hair and scalp requires the same level of care. Pre-cleansing is the essential step to hydrate, balance, replenish, nourish and restore strength to hair, starting at the cuticle. It is key to restoring pliability, silkiness, bounce and shine.

Our hair is a dead by-product of the body comprised of keratinized protein. Like velcro or a sponge, our hair attracts product build up and environmental pollutants which leaves hair dull and depleted. The more damaged hair is, the more susceptible it is to attracting build-up. As our hair collects residue, it loses its elasticity, translucency, color vibrance and bounce. This is when a basic routine of shampoo and conditioner just can't do the job and a pre-cleanse should be introduced.


Use Rejuvenating Oil weekly to replenish lost moisture, break down the barrier coating of residue and help restore translucency to the cuticle layer. This product is an excellent addition to the pre-cleansing process as it helps restore precious moisture, restore balance and even out porosity. 

Is pre-cleansing necessary for all hair types? 
If you have virgin (un-treated by color or chemicals) hair that you wash daily, I recommended incorporating a pre-cleansing step every 2-3 washes. Un-treated hair requires less pre-cleansing because healthier hair has negatively charged ions that retain more moisture naturally. Negative ions seal the hairs cuticle, which naturally leads to less frizz and generally more manageable hair.

Everyone else with textured, curly or chemically treated hair should pre-cleanse on a regular basis. This type of hair tends has positively charged ions which makes it drier with an open cuticle layer, leaving it more susceptible to damage and accumulation of pollutants. The positive ions cause your hair cuticle to open up, meaning the drier your hair, the more positive its charge. 


The cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It is formed from dead cells, overlapping in layers, which form translucent prismatic scales that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. When you cleanse and restore the moisture back to hair, you restore the translucency back to a dry or dirty cuticle layer. In doing this you light up the cortex (where the color pigments are stored) giving hair back it’s luminous glow. You will see highlights become more vibrant and low lights become richer, restoring the myriad of colors lost when your hair was dirty and dry. 

Which type of shampoos should incorporate a pre-cleansing step? 
Shampoo formulas that are cream-based or advertised as moisturizing, hydrating or super-nourishing often require a pre-cleansing step for optimal results. For example, my Forever Shine Shampoo delivers best results after a pre-cleansing. Pre-cleansing prepares the cuticle layer of the hair to receive the benefits of moisture, bounce and vivid color restoration. You’ll even notice a difference in the feel of the formula once worked into your scalp. After pre-cleansing, the cream-based formula will foam up and produce a more fulfilling sensorial experience, enabling the treatment products to lather up and do their job more efficiently. The same goes for my Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and White Truffle Shampoo. Pre-cleansing is the secret! 

What makes Peppermint Avocado Shampoo excellent for pre-cleansing? 
Peppermint Avocado Shampoo is a clarifying and scalp purifying product with a refreshing lather. Pure Peppermint Oil helps to eliminate residue and stimulate circulation while Avocado Oil nourishes and fortifies hair strands. This formula is an invigorating botanical blend that eliminates product and environmental residue without stripping hair of essential moisture. Stay tuned for my new clarifying and shine-enhancing product, Everyday Beautiful Shampoo, coming soon!

- Philip B.

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