Silky Smooth Classic Scrunchie

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Designed from silk-alternative (rPET), our Silky Smooth Scrunchies are the luxurious alternative to regular hair ties that may cause damage, breakage, friction and indentations. Silky Smooth Scrunchies are the ultimate combination of style, function and durability. 

  • Flexible inner elastic holds hair for less breakage and fewer kinks when you let your hair down 
  • Variable elasticity allows for 2-3 wraps to gently secure thin/short hair or long/thick hair. 
  • Measures 10cm in diameter.
  • Available in Black or Champagne. 

Ideal for everyday use. A quick styling accessory to create a low ponytail, top knot and other effortless looks. 

Made from rPET, an eco-friendly/vegan silk alternative made from recycled ocean bound plastic bottles. 

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