Oud: Liquid Gold for the Hair, Skin and Senses

Also known as “liquid gold,” Oud is one of the most rare and most expensive natural commodities in the world, almost one to one with the price of gold. It has a history of being used for protection, strength, healing and seduction. With no other natural raw ingredient quite like it, Oud is layered and versatile — spicy, warm, woody and exotic. It can be received as romantic and musky, deep and smoky, or sweet and spicy — any of which are sure to captivate its wearer and any passerby.
How did you first discover Oud? What inspired you to incorporate it into your products?
I discovered Oud from the Princesses of Kuwait on a trip with the Royal Family 2008. I was immediately drawn to its richness and intensity, not only in the olfactory sense, but also historically. It has been used by royalty in formulas for hair, face and body for hundreds of years. Historically, Oud was popular on the silk trade route to the Middle East for use as incense, during religious worship and even as an aphrodisiac. 

Where does Oud come from? 
Despite being both popular and plentiful in the Middle East with a rich and history there, Oud actually comes from Southeast Asia. The fragrance is derived from a resinous bark from ancient Agarwood trees in remote areas of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos through an unusual, natural phenomenon. At some point in every Agarwood tree's life, it becomes invaded by insects. As defense, a mold develops in its bark to create a very dark and intensely fragrant, resinous heartwood. This wood becomes darker, thicker, richer and more aromatic over time as the struggle to heal and defend against the insects continues for decades. Thus, the richness, quality and intensity of Oud is based on the age of the tree as well as the location, time and harvesting process. It is the result of this amazing and ironic natural phenomenon that something so beautiful, unique and sensorial is born. 

What types of benefits does Oud have for the hair, skin and senses? 
Oud has high antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that benefit both skin and hair. It penetrates well to help deliver benefits including hydration, follicle stimulation and reduced skin inflammation. It is also good for collagen synthesis to promote softer, more supple skin texture. From an olfactory perspective, Oud is exceptional for both hair and body because of its depth and versatility. The unisex fragrance has unparalleled intensity and complexity, layered with richness and opulence. Hints of sweet, smoky, earthy and sensual layers remain lingering long after other notes have disappeared.

Which PHILIP B. products feature Oud? 
Oud is featured in Forever Shine Shampoo, Forever Shine Conditioner, Mega Curl Enhancer, Gravity Defying Gel and Thermal Protection Spray (which doubles as a hair perfume). Stay tuned for two new products featuring Oud coming soon... Luxury at its finest! 

- Philip B.

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