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What are Oleosomes? 

Oleosomes are microscopic spheres of soothing natural plant oils infused with natural vitamins and protected, or encapsulated, by a protein coat.

What is the function of Safflower Oleosomes? 

Safflower Oleosomes are the secret to hair success. They are a way to restore, fortify and strengthen the hair structurally and provide a solution for delivering actives for an extended period of time, even after you wash it out. Traditionally used in skincare, I was one of the first to adapt this futuristic plant technology into haircare at efficacious percentages to create real results. 

Safflower Oleosomes are practically weightless due to the minuscule molecules of Vitamin E in Vegetable Oil that comprise them. The lipid molecules absorb into the medulla, cortex and cuticle that make up the hair shaft enabling time-released delivery. This deep level of weightless moisturization allows for the activation of your hair’s color pigments and light refraction of the cuticle, creating youthful color and bounce.

What are the benefits of Safflower Oleosomes? 

The addition of Safflower Oleosomes is helpful for dry scalps and dry hair, as the nano-molecular lipid absorbs in and provides up to a week of added benefits including bounce, shine, hydration, radiance, and thicker looking hair.

Which PHILIP B. products contain Safflower Oleosomes?

Forever Shine Shampoo, Forever Shine Conditioner, Thermal Protection Spray, Mega Curl Enhancer, Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo Lite, Everyday Beautiful Conditioner, Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque

Hair is the best accessory to your face! Keep it growing, glowing, bouncing and dazzling.

- Philip B.

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